What We Do

                      Get trustworthy data that delivers a clear picture of your best prospects, your pitfalls, and your opportunities to leave the competition in the dust.

                      From log file analysis to lead scoring to LTV modeling, analytics is at the core of the best marketing strategy, and it’s a foundational element of the marketing stack.

                      We offer solutions for every unique analytics challenge from complete measurement overhaul, to tag management migration, to proactive opportunity gap analysis.

                      • Analytics Audits: Audit your data capture and reporting with a grizzled analytics veteran to ensure accurate measurement of all your most important KPIs. Go with confidence.
                      • Opportunity Gap Analysis: Imagine having a chief data scientist comb through your analytics to proactively pull out actionable ideas that impact any and every channel. Now you can.
                      • Conversion Rate Optimization: Improve user experience and conversion rates on your site through continuous testing. Portent will do extensive user research to build and execute a testing plan customized to your business and goals.

                      This is only a small taste of what we do for our clients under the analytics umbrella. If you’ve got a challenge that’s not listed, drop us a line.

                      Jackie Jeffers Data-Science-and-Analytics-Books-at-Portent

                      If you need analytics answers you’re simply not getting, Portent is here for you. We’ve built custom solutions for unique online-to-offline measurement challenges, hyper-local tracking, and robust closed-loop analytics integrations.

                      Why Portent?

                      We eat, sleep, and breathe data.

                      Portent is one of the very first Google Partners. In fact, we’ve had that honor since the day they started the program. We’re also a Google Analytics Certified Partner and work closely with their team on attribution and measurement products before official release.

                      But more than that, we’re analytics geeks. We use tools like SuperMetrics, PostGreSQL, and Python to pool data, deliver alerts, and stay on top of your media mix performance.

                      We wrote entire analytics tools to track hour-by-hour social media performance during a Presidential campaign because it sounded fun.

                      We believe precise, dependable data allows you to strengthen your relationship with every prospect, to see them clearly, and to drive personalized, intelligent customer experience.

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