What We Do

                      Don’t go meekly into one of the most competitive channels in history.

                      You’re growing your business and you need to know that every ad dollar you spend is earning you visibility and revenue. You need a partner that knows digital advertising, has the experience to make the most of your budget, and works as an extension of your team.

                      • Create a long-term strategy that takes into account your entire Amazon presence and cross-channel goals.
                      • Audit existing accounts to improve efficiency and scalability.
                      • Perform keyword research tailored to Amazon’s shopping engine and customers.
                      • Optimize for lower ACoS to hit your specific business and ROI goals.
                      Warehouse with lots of boxes and a manager thinking about Amazon sales
                      84% Increase in revenue from Sponsored Product Ads for a well-known national vitamins and supplements seller
                      37% Improvement in Advertising Cost of Sale for a high-end household goods company, without sacrificing revenue
                      Why Portent

                      You need a partner that understands Amazon’s unique marketplace, and there are a few. But what sets Portent apart is a twenty-four year obsession with understanding how both algorithms and online advertising work, and using that knowledge to drive measurable results.

                      We deliver a personalized experience and plan for every business with a dedicated Amazon expert. You deserve a partner that lives and breathes your KPIs and measures every action, every tweak, and every hour spent in terms of whether it will meet your goals.

                      Grow your business and skills with a partner that believes in transparency, teaching, and fearless accountability for remarkable results.

                      Work with the Right Amazon Advertising Management and Optimization Team
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                      Harness the full power of Amazon Advertising.

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